Friday, December 9, 2011

Fight the good fight....

Although i try very hard to eat healthy food, exercise frequently, and try to maintain a positive outlook, there are days when i just can't seem to come up with the strength to do it. Ever get that way? No? Just me? Hm. Ok, change of subject then..
Today I wanted to go off station (that's what we call leaving the property here at my hospital) and grab some food. Last week my splurge was lunch at the local Chinese Buffet. it was a complete protein fest, and it was very tastey. but i didn't want to plunk down another ten bucks, so i opted for Subway.
Seems reasonable. We eat there quite often, and I usually only get the same thing, so i had my mind all made up even before i closed my office door and headed out.
My usual is a 12" Italian Herb and Cheese Spicy Italian sub with provolone cheese, all ove the veggies except onions and banana peppers, and a squirt of chipotle sauce. on rare occasion I'll have the same thing except it will be cold cut (all turkey based!) combo. I never get chips or drink.
sometimes I will only eat half of the sub, but that is the exception not the rule. I just don't feel full after half. after the full, though, i feel bloaty and have a tough time bending down to tie my shoes. If only they made these in my size, i guess it wouldn't be a problem:
 anyway, today when i went to subway, i ordered my usual. when i got back to the office, i ate it all up, like a good little doober. waste not, want not, right?
i have been trying really hard to log all of my food (and if i worked out or ran, i would include those too)(note: no real place for #plankaday, but i AM doing that...)...where was I? oh, right. yea. i log my chow at i went there to put my sub in, and when i looked it up i saw that it came in right around 1400 calories. WHAT???? yep. i was amazed. i have something like 60 calories left for the day. i could earn more by running, but i don't have that chance tonight, so....yea.
when i tweeted it, a buncha people chimed in and said that they were surprised by the high calories, and for the love of God, just WHAT did I eat???? so i went to the subway page and looked it up. Here's basically how my lunch broke down:
2x 6" spicy italian with the works = 480
2x 6" italian herb and cheese bread = 500
cheese = 100
sauce = 100
WOW! i was at 1180 calories. a bit off from the one i found on myfitnesspal, but in the grand scheme, not very far off at all! looks like next time i go i will be dropping the bread and the sauce, getting my meal down to around 600 calories, which is acceptable to me. oh, wait. that one isn't listed here. I will likely opt for the grilled chicken and baby spinach salad. dry. Stats? cals=130. sugars=4 (????) fat=2.5, PRO=19 (yea, baby!)
Do you find it difficult to get quality calories when you dine out, either for a quick lunch or an actual meal? And really, if i am just going to get a grilled chicken salad, i may just as well bring one from home. That way i KNOW it will be fresh.
Keep fighting the good fight. It isn't easy, but it WILL be worth it.

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  1. Funny, Myfitnesspal has a 2 for one Whopper deal on the homepage!