Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seeing Orange?

Then you must have been at the Boston Marathon Expo this weekend. Holy ORANGE. At times i couldn’t tell if I was at the Expo or at a Hunter’s Safety Convention.
When you first walked in, you were greeted by the Adidas Mega shopping area. It was a total bottle neck.
IMG_1397(yes, yes, i know. no orange in the picture. bite me.)
There were no maps of the place, and I was pretty frustrated by that. My original mission at the expo was to find the ArcticEase booth and then the GenerationUCAN booth. Zach and I were a bit hungry from our trip into the city, so the first thing that we did was to hit up the samples at the food companies. YUM! nothing fills my belly quite as nicely as free chunks of powerbars, clif bar crunch, powerbar gels, and….other stuff. We eventually found the ArcticEase booth, and I was lucky enough to get my knee wrapped. While it was cooling, several people stopped by and asked questions. It was great to see them doing well at such a large event!
IMG_1406  IMG_1405 Sorry if i sound like a broken record or a paid evangelist, but I really like the way AE helps with my recovery. It isn’t only the pros who need help with muscle soreness, joint issues, and just the general healing process of muscles during training. We ALL do, and we can all benefit from this fantastic product (puts soapbox away for a while). Give them a look-see on their website, watch a few of their commercials. While you’re at it, see if you can spot the person tossing the ball to Gronkowski, Fletcher, or Brown. Yep. You know him, you love him…..
We also tried for a while to find the GenerationUCAN booth. We made it JUST IN TIME to see this guy get graciously whisked away to his next appearance:
IMG_1412 No, no, not the guy on the left. MEB! Meb is one of the UCAN athletes! I tell ya, it seems as though i pick some pretty good products, doesn’t it? I first discovered GenUCAN (and ArcticEase, for that matter) during a tweetchat almost 2 years ago. I quickly grew to like the GenUCAN company, their roots, and the way that they (and AE) interact with their customers online. A few days before the Expo I received a tweet from @GenUCAN saying that if I was able to make it, to please swing by the booth. We did! It was great to get to meet the folks behind the company and their social media crew! There was a….customer?….there, kinda bending the ear of the person who i think is the owner/inventor, and from what I could hear, I think that he’d had a few too many free samples of 5 hour energy. At any rate, I got to stand inside their space and they even asked me some questions! Kinda like a mini interview. Of ME! With my luck, it will end up on on an episode of “candid camera”….If anything comes of it, I’ll let you know!
We spent some more time wandering around, sampling things, getting free handouts, and watching celebrities.
IMG_1404 IMG_1416 IMG_1419 IMG_1420
The lady on the far right is none other than….Kathrine Switzer!! She looks great!
Later in the afternoon we met up with Joe V., entrepreneur and owner of 1BandID. Joe is good people, and sources tell me that he is looking to get back into racing this year. Feel free to give him a nudge in that direction, right Colleen?
Alright, that's about enough name dropping for one blog post. I'll put pictures from the marathon up on my picasa page and link to it here in the near future....
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Is your knee in pain? You look like you're in pain. Or is that the face of sheer joy over ArticEase-dom. Could be either or.