Thursday, September 20, 2012

My responses to #Attune chat 9/19/12

Sadly I was unable to attend one of my favourite Twitter chats today because I had to be part of a Medical Records Committee meeting. It happens once a month, so I DO get to attend #Attune 3 times per month. I really enjoy the fast pace of the half hour chat. Topics range from food to exercise and pretty much everything in between. Here are the questions from today’s chat and my responses. Not quite the same feel as the exchanges during the chat, but hey….why not, right?


Q1: Do you ever have days where it’s hard to go work out? Do you find getting back to basics helps you jump over that hurdle? A1: Lately there have been several days where it has been hard to workout. Mostly because I get trapped in my head. Getting back to basics DOES help me get back on track. Stick with what you know!

Q2: What small things motivate you to workout? A2: never wanting to be the Dad who watches his kids play instead of playing WITH them is very motivating. Knowing that other people my age are doing amazing things is also very motivating. Having a goal race or event is helpful as well.

Q3: How do you get back into being active after you’ve taken a break – from injury or just because?  A3: When I get back into it, it has to be with both feet. I can’t ease back into it; my eating needs to change, my sleep/wake cycles need to change, and my activity levels need to change. The renewed energy I feel from doing this often spills over to other areas of my life.

Q4: What would you suggest to a friend who wants to become more active? A4: I would say, “let’s go for a walk!” As our facility’s Wellness Coach, I would ask if they wanted to sit and chat about their goals, or did they just want someone to be their cheerleader? I don’t think it is my place to tell them what they should do, but I CAN be a resource…

Thanks again, @AttuneFoods, for hosting the chats every wednesday at noon Eastern.  If you are on twitter, I encourage you to follow the chat. If you are gun-shy about getting onto twitter, let me know, and perhaps I can calm your nerves…

See you there!

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