Friday, March 26, 2010

Strike, while the iron is hot!!

You can see below that I am ranked 10th in the world at the 6.66 mile distance, and apparently FIRST in the "race to be sponsored by the Last Mile Brewing Company."
And how do they thank me?
By ALLOWING me to ENTER A CONTEST to win a shirt.
What? Thanks. Really. With his readership numbers, I stand as much chance to win a shirt as I do to win the BOSTON MARATHON. Ok. Maybe I have more of a chance to win the shirt, but only maybe.
No offense to "Brain Trust (which is about 90% Lady J and 10% Jamoosh) ", but I think the percentages were skewed a bit. If my wife were truely the 90%, it would have gone something like this:

Me: "Hey, Gene suggested that we 'sponsor' him. What do you think about that? Maybe we could allow him to enter a contest where we give away a t-shirt?"
My Wife: "Allow him to enter? Allow? I think that we should GIVE him a t-shirt, find some way too smuggle, send him a sample, and then name the contest after him."
Me: "wow. what great ideas. I'll post that in my blog today, and let's get this thing kicked off over the weekend!!!"
My Wife: "I love you soooo much."
Me: "You took the words right out of my mouth." (oohhhh, it musta been while you were kissing me.....)

Instead, I am allowed to enter. Ever see "Real Genius"? Remember Lazlo, the professional student who lived in the bowels of the dorm? As the film progresses, he figures out how many times he needs to submit entries into a contest so that he can win all of the prizes. At the end, he is bummed that he only won something like 97%. Well, as soon as the rules are announced, I will channel my inner Lazlo......

Or, to give everyone else a fighting chance, Jamoosh can simply 'give' me a shirt, and I promise to wear it respectfully, and NOT use it to buff my truck.

I'm just sayin'......


  1. Style points for "Real Genius"

    And your wife is biased!

  2. wahoo! i'll take whatever points i can get!

  3. Saw the Vermont shoutout on Jamoosh's blog, had to check out the blog, I also attempted the 6.66 mile race and failed. Go beer.

  4. 6.66 miles = FAIL here too. I'm seeing a pattern here.

    Worst of luck to you on winning the t-shirt since I want it too.

  5. ooooh....Candice...very funny. har har har. as a good Japanese friend of mine used to say, "rots of ruck to you, too".

  6. Too funny. I found you from Jamoosh's new virtual race. Nice to meet ya.