Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

With apologies to Weeb, I am renaming Thursdays, if only for the blogosphere!

1) speaking sister (Weeb) and I have names for the days of the week. Typically it is a daily race to see who can send a text first to wish a Happy Two-fer Tuesday or a Thirsty Thursday, etc. I look forward to those messages probably more than she knows.

2) I am eternally grateful to my wife, Tracey. For more 'schmoopy-ness' go here. (credit for 'schmoopy' belongs to Red.)

3) I am also grateful to M and Z. I don't tell them things like this often enough, and I blame my 'wiring' for this. Shoulda named me 'Bob'. Might have been easier for M and Z. My apologies, boys, and my Love.

ok, i dunno what possessed me to have my first ever 3 things thursday be so sappy, but there you have it. i will be back, soon, with my usual sarcasm, opinions, and tales of running. i hope.

Have a great Thirsty Thursday! (today, it is NUUN for me. Lemon-Lime).

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