Friday, April 30, 2010

3 Things Thursday

hmmmm, i have my sister joining in on this fun, too, and every TTT she sends me a text with her 3. good times!
Even though ttt has passed, and I am late, here are my 3 for the week:
1) a son who prefers NUUN over gatorade. tie this one in with another who prefers G-2 over soda, and yet another who would rather drink FUZE over anything else. sure, they indulge in the rare cola beverage, but most of the time it is berry-juice, milk, water, or the above mentioned drinks. WIN! (kudos to Tracey here, too. her bevie of choice is coffee with Vanilla Nut creamer.)
2)  good feeling when i realize that one of my opinions is validated by people in the know. recently i did a blog post about milk. i think i received more comments on that one (including the ones on FB) than any other posting so far. nice! conversationsn prompted me to be reading...uummmm......DAMMIT, what is the name of that book.....OH! "food revolution" by John Robbins. totally validated. WIN!
3) my lofty running goals. 2 half marathons this summer, a full marathon this fall, and a few others sprinkled in between. in the spirit of 'right place, right time', i am participating in a fun race with some folks from England. a while back i won a giveaway from ncrunnerdude for audio products from AudioFuel which i reviewed here. To save you the time, I really like their product. I like house/techno music, and i like to run to music, so WIN/WIN! ANYWAY........i was on the Devil's Playground Facebook a few days back, and AF announced that they were looking at having a race to see who could run the farthest while listening to the same 25 minute sound track. A dozen or so of us jumped on board, and today (yesterday) I downloaded my track.  should be a great time!

so there you have them, my TTT for this week. cheers!

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  1. I'm impressed with your motivation and determination. Two marathons this summer? I'll be lucky to ever run ONE. I'm not a runner though, so I guess it's no biggie.

    Thanks for the comments on my new home :)