Friday, February 12, 2010

Audio Fuel Review

A few weeks ago I won a music download from a company in the UK called Audio Fuel. See their site here. I tend to like to run with music, especially on the dreadmill (though this has been known to be disasterous). I also like Euro-Trance-Club Scene type music (are you following that hybridazation?), ever since I was exposed to it in Japan back in '93. When I listened to the free sample on their site, I became very anxious to get the download.
Clare in their customer service department was very helpful with the process, and I chose to download their "High Intensity Long Run, 120 minutes with voiceover coaching". the download process was VERY SIMPLE. I don't use an iPOD, but a sansa .mp3 player (more on that product later). I had NO TROUBLE transferring the file to my player, and was ready to go in no time.
It starts out with a good introduction that leaves you just enough time to set the dreamill if you need to, or to make sure you are already running before it kicks in. The tempo seemed a bit fast for me at first (it IS high intensity) at 160 beats per minute, but after about a minute i was able to settle in to a nice rhythm.
For about 20 minutes. Then I was cooked. I was able to adjust the speed on the 'mill and still maintain the tempo, but my stride was shorter and my turnover much quicker than i was used to.
I thouroughly enjoy the music, and the periodic coaching voice-overs are welcomed. There is even applause at some intervals (10 mins, 20 mins, etc.) Scattered along are some 2 minute rest periods where you are encouraged to run at your own pace.
Given that I am not quite a high intensity runner yet, this download fit me perfectly. It gives me a good goal, and I am not bored with the tempo or music. I am considering purchasing a download at the next slower  tempo, just to mix things up a bit.
Overall rating 5 out of 5.

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  1. Great review! Glad you enjoyed your downloads and that they worked for ya. I'm looking forward to downloading one now. Does the UK do country music? LOL!