Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, so good to me!

The day started out pretty good. T was kind enough to let me go to bed early last night, so I was dead to the world by 9. That made a 38 hour stretch with only 1-2 hours of sleep sprinkled in. Weekend nights are TOUGH! I awoke this morning around 530, but stayed horizontal for a bit, just soaking in my life. I am a very lucky guy.
Fast forward to work. Kept the pt that I have had for the past several shifts. Nice. No new news, just status quo. Ohhhhh, but wait! Dressing change at the bedside. One that had been done in the OR three times last week. So some midazolam and morphine later, and I am staring at the inside of my patient's thigh. I don't mean just the inside where you rub Body Glide, but the INTERNAL insides. The incision runs from his groin to his ankle, on the inner aspect of his leg. Had some vein grafting done to restore blood flow to his leg, in an attemp to save the leg. So far, so good. Yea, i LOVE dressing changes. Don't judge.
Then the ICU phone rings, and it is the ER, requesting back up. not just any ol back up, but ME specifically. Nice. They are blatantly trying to recruit me, but they also know that I won't leave the ICU any time soon, so it is still fun to go down and work there every now and again. Spent the better part of 4 hours in the ER, which means that I missed breakfast AND lunch. WHAT???? I am supposed to RUN TODAY! Please, for the love of diprovan, PAHLEEEEZE let me eat. Luckily, around 230pm, I was able to eat. In hind sight, I shouldn't have eaten.
After work, I went to the fitness center and prepped to run. I wanted to run for an hour, so I tried to move the TV across the room so that i could watch something other than the clock whilst I ran. Nice, big tv, too, and there is a DVD player on top of the cart (picture high school AV cart)(yes, I was an AV nerd). Oh, SNAP. I don't have a dvd. Double snap, the thing is pretty much bolted in place. I guess the people who use the cardio machines at the other end of the room don't need disctraction as much as the fat ass personal trainer who steals our oxygen works there needs it. Back to the dreadmill, on with the tunes, and off i went. Clipped along ok, averaging around an 8:15 pace. right about at mile 2.8, my lunch decided that the digestive process was done, and i barely made it to 3.1 miles. Paused the DM, and ran to the latrine to take care of bidness. By the time I made it back, the DM had shut off. WHAT? are you flipping kidding me???
Yea, so, gone was the time for my 3.1 (somewhere around 26 something), and now i had to start over. So i did. And let me tell you, there were several times when i wanted to quit. hot, tired, BORED. thunk thunk thunk. but i thought about races this summer, and how i wanted a PR in the half, and my first full, and a looming traill 10k, and i kept on running. did the second 3.1 in 28:55. gathered things and headed home.
While i was doing all this foolishness, T had been dusting and cleaning the house, so i jumped in and vacuumed the upstairs, then did the dinner dishes. yea, i know. i rock. ahahahahaha...

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