Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back on the Run

Two evenings ago I went for a run and had a blast. Kinda rainy at the beginning, but since I was in the woods, I didn't feel much of it; the sun came out less than half way through. It was very nice to be surrounded by trees and plants and such.
photo credit: Salomon Shoes
I ran on a trail that I like to call (when I talk to myself about these things) my 'Test Piece'. Do you have a Test Piece? A spot on a trail, a hill, a stream, some thing that was a challenge to you when you first started, but you have been able to notice steady improvements? Could be a timed distance, the ability to make it to the top of 'that hill' without stopping, anything really. Afterall, it is your Test Piece.
Mine has a crazy but short uphill along a powerline about 200m(eters) into it. Hard packed and very slick when it rains. I have never been able to get to the top without nearly dying. Monday, I made it right up. Stopping never crossed my mind. It goes up rather steadily for a bit after that, and reaches it's height at about .45 miles into the trail. After that, a long, steady downhill to the end. In the past, I have had to stop and walk before I reached the 'summit'. Not Monday! I ran all the way to the end! Very cool. Not wanting to over do it, I did take 2x30second walk breaks on my way back to the truck.
One of the things that I struggle with is not feeling guilty about taking time for myself. Some may say that I take waaay too much a LOT of time for myself. I won't dispute that I try to take some every day, but lemme tell you it is filled with guilt. I am working on that, but it will be a 'process'.
Any one else feel like they 'shouldn't' be taking time to run? My wife is very good about my running. She even encourages me to do more of it. She has said, "when you run regularly you seem happier, nicer to be around. That makes you a better husband, father, friend. when you don't run, well....we wish you would." (not an exact quote, but i don't think she'd deny it....)
I have a giveaway that I am getting ready to post. This one is a doooooozy. Stay tuned. Maybe tomorrow...

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  1. I have a test piece from my front door to the first intersection on my map - 500 meters. And then another 700 meters all uphill to the summit of most of my runs. My running is the most truthful in those spots - If I suck and I was hiding it well on the flats, or if I didn't warm up enough - it shows.