Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Is that you, Cupcake?" -Jack Palance-

spoken right before the Joker danced around and shot him in the BEST film version of the Batman story, starring Keaton and Nicholas.
The cupcake that i am referring to now, though, is the emblem for an 'award' bestowed upon me by fellow blogger/runner/beer snob Jamoosh. His reason for choosing me is:
"Gene – For no reason whatsoever." (oddly, I get that a lot). As some of you know, there are acceptance rules to awards such as this, and (fortunately) none of them include Kanye West. (now, if they DID include Taylor Swift, well....). Alright, here are the rules as they pertain to the winners of this wonderful award:
1) you must dance around your workspace shouting "I WON I WON I WON" until someone asks you to stop. oh. the dance MUST include one of the following 3 moves: a) sprinkler b) white guy with an overbite or c) the RUNNING MAN (of course!)
2) Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be? (*note: it CAN"T be to skip rule Number One.)
3) Pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.
4) The fourth and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

Without further ado, I will now fullfill my duties. Let me start off by skipping RIGHT PAST Number One above. That's right, the "little bit extra" that I bring to this award process is a blatand disregard for rules. In fact, I have such a disregard for them that I ADDED my own (above, #1), and then will blatantly ignore it. That's how i roll. Don't judge me.
Okok. So there was more ado. Big Fat Hairy Back Deal. Hang on....

(the real)#1) if I had a chance blah blah blah...If I were to answer this question honestly, as it pertains to my overall LIFE, I would say that I never would have listened to a schoolmate who's initials are J.G.. In listening to him, I broke up with my girlfriend while I was away as an exchange student. Our lives changed forever after that, and not always for the better. The happy ending (middle) to the story is that we are now married (to each other, finally), and our days are spent blissfully gazing into each other's eyes as we skip along the happy road of life that destiny has laid out before us. Honestly. Aren't yours?

#2) Pick 6 people and give them the award, too. Wow. I don't know 6 people. Not who can type, anyway. Oh, wait. Here are some........
Steve at Steve In A Speedo, Gross! because his shorts bring a little 'extra' to the game.
Tricia at Endurance isn't only physical, because she is uber positive.
Elisabeth at It's A Jogger's Life, because she likes to bake CUPCAKES (and is a cool blogger/tweeter)!
hoo boy. this is getting tough....6? why SIX?
Gina at The Candid RD because she's been helpful to me, and like me, she likes kitchen gadgets.
Carissa at Fit to Indulge. Who wouldn't like a foodie who is also getting ready for her first marathon?
and last but not least, and I am sorry if he's been tagged already, but.....
Jeff at Running Through Phoenix. School PrincipAL, runner, new bread baker, family guy.

#3) A special Vermont thank you to Jamoosh, from the heart of my bottom bottom of my heart, for giving me this award. More importantly, perhaps, it gave me something to do instead of my real job. WIN-WIN.


  1. Hooray procrastination! Wait, shouldn't I be working right now?

    That is really cool about your wife. really cool.

  2. Wondering if you and your wife appreciate each other more BECAUSE of the time you spent apart......or maybe I've just read too many romance novels. :)

    Thanks for sharing the award!

  3. i was labeled a beer snob when i stopped drinking beer that i could read a menu through.