Monday, August 30, 2010

HardCORE, Maize Maze, Calendar

HardCORE workout is going very well. I am wondering when Jamoosh is going to give us something HARD to do finding that I am able to get ALMOST all the way through all of the exercises without stopping. Surprisingly, the bicycle thing-a-bob is what kills me. Yes, it is the SECOND one on the list. Tonight I will think about doing them in reverse order and see what happens.

Yesterday 4/5 of the family went to a Corn Maze in West Danville, VT. We'd been there once before in 2007 and had a wonderful time so we thought we'd give it another go. For kicks, I wore my Garmin 305. Yea. well, to see what happens when a 13 year old and a 4 year old lead you through a maze, click on this link and then use the 'player' feature in the upper right. We found out later that some friends of ours did the same maze in 48 minutes. It took us the better part of 2.25 hours. Luckily Dad overpacked the backpack (as USUAL) and we had plenty of water and snacks to keep us going. Everyone did well, and I only lost my marbles once, which i think is an improvement over the first time that we went.!

Calendar. Some one messed with mine. According to the calendar on my wall, today is 30 AUGUST. If you look outside, or better yet GO outside, it is JULY something or other, most likely the 10th. This is a good thing, actually, because since it is really JULY, I can still undo some of the bad mistakes I made when the calendar read JULY (during which time it was most likely MAY). Just sayin'.

So it is a new week, I'm working on some projects at work (aside from the blog), and am planning on actually trying out the cereal that I won a few weeks back from Carissa. There is a rumor that I'll get to test a piece of fitness equipment, too, but I am not certain about that. We'll have to wait and see.....

How is YOUR week shaping up?


  1. I LOVE corn mazes! Makes me think of home @ Iowa.

    Such a great idea to wear the garmin!

  2. Yes, I am so relieved that it's only July....I still have a few more weeks left 'til I go back to school - thanks!! Love the Garminin the maze!!