Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Muggy Morning Melange

Sorry. Here you go. I'll make it easy....
Melange: — n
1. a mixture; confusion
[C17: from French mêler to mix. See medley ]
I honestly don't know where i pulled that word out of, and I am not sure I want to know. Let's just blame it on endorphins, shall we? Moving on, then.....
Yes, weather here is strange. We have a saying here (do you have this, too?), "If you don't like the weather, either drive 10 miles or wait 10 minutes." Nice evening chill last night, but then on awakening this morning the air seemed heavier than..well...just heavy. So I started the coffee pot and then headed out the door. I found my mp3 player a few days ago (SCORE!), so it, Teri Garmin, RoadID, and I set off for a little run. Not having any real goal for today (except to get out of bed=win), I decided to let AudioFuel decide.
180 Max Pyramid Interval it was. The first part is a 5 minute warm up, and today's route took me up hill. I was going along at a fair pace (based on effort, not speed), and it STILL took me 2:30 to get to the top of the hill. wtf. but i felt ok. so i pressed on.
I won't bore you with the details of me sucking wind on the sprints alternated by me sucking slightly less wind on the recovery portions, but I will tell you that I ran the whole thing, even the uphill 'bits', which were about HALF to 3/4 of the route (out and back, so i guess it is really only HALF. whatever. join me, and you might agree on the 3/4ths part.)
ANYWAY.....i was supposed to be doing intervals based on driveways or telephone poles as I had suggested this to Jeff. Realistically, though, given our geography and rural-ness, I'd be dead on the side of the road still. Whose idea was it to BURY utility lines? wtf. I hope that Jeff had better luck than I did.
Interesting things seen on the way: road kill. skunk and.....SQUIRREL!
I wonder if he was like...hop, hop, hop....ohoohhhh...lookit them acorns over there, across that black river....YUM!....hop, hop, hop...huh. what's that noise? hop, hop....FORD!...............
my apologies to my sensitive readers out there. but c'mon. seriously. ever wonder what they were thinking? no? meh.
After the sweat/slug fest, i showered and got ready for work. didn't matter. still soaked. took forEVER to stop sweating and dry off. good thing i am camping in this office aloooooone.
Make it a great day.


  1. hehe your comment made me laugh. I'll try to attract more guys to my blog for you. Any ideas on how to make that happen? :)

  2. ugh, the weather here has been SO HUMID that my phone fogs up the moment I walk out!
    Good for you for exercising before work, and getting it over with. I do that too, when I can. Sometimes, like you said, my shower doesn't take and I keep sweating despite having showered!! That always stinks (pun intended)