Friday, August 20, 2010

hard core, day 2-3

good morning. 40 past midnight here. wide awake. not sure if i will ever sleep again...but i digress.
wednesday was supposed to be my second day of hardCORE workout. it wasn't. i ran with a stroller instead, and then something else happened at night (no, not THAT. the antithesis of that, actually) and so i didn't do it. so i told myself that i would do it on thursday morning, at work. but i had forgotten that i was scheduled to provide coverage in the ICU for 2 hours, so that didn't happen.
and then along came thursday evening, and i did some household chores and the workout didn't happen. (are you sensing a pattern?) so after i finished a level on Lego Batman (our 4 year old has me hooked!), i decided to read some blogs.
of course....i saw links and mentions of the hardCORE workout that i had committed myself to do. so i did wednesday's workout at 0010. it was invigorating. really. quick workout that got my heart pumping and made me notice that i REALLY need to work on my sternoclediomastoids. (highlighted).
i just can't seem to disengage them. odd, too, because i can pretty much disengage everything (and some people. sometimes, though, it has been thought that i have disengaged, when really i haven't. this is NOT a good place to be). there i go, digressing again. dammit.
thanks for stopping by. today is Friday. should be my 3rd day of the workout, so it looks like i'll somehow cram 2 into 1, or is it 2 into 3?
mebbe in the wee-smalls i will find a picture for FFF.
make it a great day.

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