Tuesday, August 17, 2010

are you hardCORE?

me, either. i blame it on years and years worth of staying up late eating bon-bons, feet up on the cat  couch while watching re-runs of Suite Life Barnaby Jones.
As you know (from seeing the disappointing array of pictures) I was in Vegas last week, and totally missed the build up to the HardCOREClub. I did, however, see about 5 minutes of some other type of "club" in the casino at Caesar's Palace as I was walking through to go to the library and study geology. Honest. What? oh, sorry.....
So yesterday I printed off the 13 torture regime workout schedule, and procrastinated into the wee hours before bed to try to get through the list. Well. I should have thought it through a bit more (as ususal), because the workout had my heart rate up AND my body temperature elevated to SUN. Yea. my wife affectionately refers to me as her 'heater', since i can, on a normal February day, provide enough heat for the both of us (TWSS). well, sorry about last night, dear (twHs....). i'll try to do this earlier in the day on wednesday.
In accordance with the guidelines, my days will be MWF. Why not? My calendar seems pretty VOID of other workouts on those days (because i am lazy).
Here, too, are my before pictures, with what i think will be my after pictures, too.

that's right. be jealous. i have a WHOLE KEG, while others strive for only a 6 pack. pshaw.

before this 'challenge', this is the only PLANK i had heard of...

this is pretty much an inside joke, but it is ALSO pretty much what i look like doing the things. ok, actually.....
yep. this is me. except with grey hair on my head, too.
so off i go, to get this.....that's right, a 12 pack.


  1. Mmm, beer. Off to do my core!

  2. :) I did my session today. I'm on a sun/tues/thurs schedule. And...I'm not brave enough to post pics (either)

  3. oooooh! are you calling me out??? hmmmm....it isn't that i am scared; i was at work when i posted.....and, ummm....o.k. fine. i am not brave enough either. but the gorilla pretty much sums it up.