Tuesday, August 3, 2010

weather or not....

when i was in the Army, we had a saying, "it doesn't rain in the Army. it rains ON the Army." i have ever since adopted that as my philosophy where the weather is concerned. it just happens. i don't plan things around it, i don't get upset if it is raining or freezing cold or swealtering hot. it just is.
my not paying attention to weather reports doesn't sit well with my wife, however. she has a daycare to run, and the next day's weather weighs heavily in her deciding how that day will go; nice weather, kids outside. not so nice...well....inside it is! i try to pay attention, but it is rarely a success.
today, i am camping out in an office, reading all kinds of manuals and .ppt files about my new job, etc. when i stand up to stretch (which, if i am under video surveillance would look like i have ants in my pants i get up so often) i can see outside.
and it is raining. not a deluge, and not a misting, but a nice, steady summer rain. the kind that makes people with gardens say, 'well, we really needed that rain!"
and i can't help but wish i was outside IN the rain, being rained ON. doing whatever. or nothing at all (ha). alright. time to get back to work. another meeting looms at 1300, and i won't be able to get up and walk around during it.
how do you feel about the weather? does it dictate your activity level, or do you just take it in stride?


  1. I have been known to do an extra run (if possible) just because it's raning.

  2. The weather can dictate when/where I run, but it doesnt keep me from running.Just gives me more options. :)

  3. If it rained right now I can pretty much guarantee that I would get on my running shoes and do a few miles even if it wasn't on the schedule. It hasn't rained here in a loooong time, I'm not sure Oklahoma knows what moisture is in the summer.