Wednesday, August 25, 2010

O'Soy Review

First off, the disclaimer.
I bought this product with my own money (yes, my wife and i have a joint account, so it was OUR money), no one sent it to me (ew!), i had no coupons (or at least i didn't USE any), and perhaps most importantly no animals were harmed during the testing of this product (except perhaps one of the cats, when i dumped her out of the kitchen chair so that i could plop down and eat. ok, fine, i ate standing at the sink (ZERO CALORIES!))
Most weeks I go through a big tub of Stonyfield Organic Fat Free Plain yogurt as breakfast. I could probably do through more, but I am trying to limit portion size. At least when people are watching. I typically mix in some Kashi Go-Lean CRUNCH and mebbe a banana or some strawberries here or there. I choose plain because it is lower in sugar content and doesn't distract from the flavor of the cereal. But when B and I were running errands last night, I saw this on sale so I thought I would try it and let ya'll know what I think. (
OOPS. wait. flippin' BLOGGER. (the person, not the program). this ISN"T what I tried out (although i DID take advantage of a little treat back on 4JUN). ok, here, without further ado, is what I tried:
I dunno if you can read the whole container, but below "O'Soy" it says: Organic Soy Yogurt and Smooth and Creamy and then Vanilla. Well, i can't officially vouch for the organic part, but it certainly IS smoooooth and creamy. but not the creamy that leaves the roof of your mouth coated with some slippery stuff. And as for vanilla...well...kinda. The first difference that i noted (when compared with my regular, afore mentioned choice) is the smell. It just didn't smell the same. not in an "oh, hey, i think this milk is, smell it" kind of way, but just enough to make me notice. mixed well in the cup, no watery whateverthatis on the top. creeeeeeeamy and smooth. (which is how it should be labled. C comes before S. just sayin') My tounge was happy with it, too. Nice, rich texture, abit thicker than regular, but not as thick as the eversopopularthesedays Greek yogurt. I offered some to T, but she muttered something under her breath about what a wack-job I am very nicely declined the offer. So i had it all to myself. I will say that the flavor/texture/smell took a little getting used to, but by the bottom of the cup i was wishing that I had picked up a few more. maybe as a treat some day, like the Chobani 0% I enjoy.
I recommend trying this out and adding it to your 'treats', and tossing out the chips and dip. Well, maybe not tossing the chips and dip. and whatever you do, don't toss your cookies......just sayin'.

as an aside...see that mug? yep, T and I designed it for her daycare. we had shirts made, too. i am thinking of getting a hoodie, too. winter's right around the corner (unless you live in the mid-west. what's up with your weather these days?).
peace, yo!

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