Sunday, August 1, 2010

and i ran

have i used that title before? sorry.
i got out of bed this morning and ran. only 4.82 miles, and it took me 43:04 minutes, but it was 4:56 FASTER than the last time I ran the same route, only a few weeks ago. I guess that half of a medium Pizza Hut pizza last night did me some good! (ha!)
I couldn't find my mp3 player, so i had to run in silence. not much fun on the road, to be sure. in the woods, i prefer no music, but on the road i get really bored without it.
Happy with my run today, and looking forward to running again tomorrow morning! Got wind throug FB that one of my cousins also went out this morning. She has started a Couch-2-5k plan. Huzzah! Has anyone else started/finished one? Have you blogged about it? I'd like to send her your way, so that she has some inspiration. Who doesn't like to be inspired by others? I do!
alright, enough for now. at work today, my final scheduled shift in the ICU. starting tomorrow i will be in "Nursing Administration". Florence Nightingale help us all......


  1. That's F-FAST Gene!! Gotta go call pizza hut right now...

  2. heheheh. make sure you order the pan pizza. just greasy enough to give you that extra 'kick' the next morning.....