Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finding Inspiration

Do you have difficulty with this, too? I mean, aside from the whole:
It's good for me.
Running might be bad for my knees, but NOT running is bad for ALL of me.
I want to be fit and healthy.
It gives me some "me" time.
It gives my family a break.
A family that plays together, stays together.
Bucket List.
Ad infinitum....
Do you struggle? I do. Sure, I can (and have) signed up for races (both virtual and real) to motivate me. That works for me, usually. But then, if there aren't any races going on, or ones that have kinda soured, what do you do? For me, it takes something special, something i can sink my teeth into to get me outta the comfy bed in the morning.
Exhibit A: RNR Las Vegas. I mean, if you are able to run this, in this town, wouldn't THAT get you outta bed? Me, too. But alas, it isn't as simple as that for me.
Exhibit B:
OPSEC prevents me from going into any details, but someone close to me has someone far away from us. That, in itself, sucks. Given that this person is in a less-than-friendly-place sucks even more (and I don't mean South Central LA (HOLLA!)). Said person has signed up to run RNRLV with said person's father. The hope here is that said person (let's just name this person, shall we? How about SuperFly? Done.) The hope here is that SuperFly will be home in time for this.
I am travelling to LV, NV in about a week for a week's worth of conferences for my new job. Now, I am NOT a stick-in-the-mud (honest!), but being in LVNV without my wife just doesn't seem to be much fun. I will admit to being a bit (just a bit...) of a wallflower in regular social situations, so I don't really see myself as mingling well with others on the conference. So what am I to do? I figured that I would run early every day so that I would be tired at night (and try to keep to an East Coast sleep/wake schedule). Sounds reasonable. And BO-RING. Then SuperFly had a great idea: PRE-RUN the course for him. WHAT? yep. I tell ya, SuperFly is clearly and out-of-the-box thinker.
When I went to the race's website last week, they still hadn't posted the course map. What, is it some sort of National Secret? I mean, why NOT post the route? So I sent them an email, lightly detailing (?) why I wanted to know the course, or could some one FROM rnrlv be available to run it with me?
No. They cannot. again...WHAT?
Their suggestion was that I join them on FB and see if anyone wanted to run with me while I was there. Sorry, but I don't need someone just to keep me company for 2 hours. I need a GUIDE to run with me for 2 hours.
Today, though, @mizfitonline sent out a tweet about the race. So i replied, asking if she knew anyone out there who could help. I mean, how cool is THAT? (very). I am also asking here. If you or someone who you know is willing to meet me in Vegas some early morning (like 0400) to go for a run along either the new course (if it is available) or an OLD course that you already know, please comment here or tweet me (@boutdrz) and let me know. I will be in LV from the 9th-13th.
Muchos grassy-ass.

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  1. Glad you were able to find the course! can't wait to hear about your run.

    (BTW, realized I wasn't following your blog! Fixed that right now)