Thursday, July 15, 2010

Faux pas

as I am not overly observant (really? are you surprised?), i managed to miss another blogger who lists Accountability on his blog roll. A few weeks ago I blogged (new verb. see how i try to include things like that? i try very hard, though, NOT to use 'text' as a verb. or 'quote' as a noun) that I had 'arrived' because another blogger has me listed on his blog roll.
tonight i noticed another one. i don't know when Neil put me up, but there I am.....tucked in nicely on the right side of his blog. Interestingly, he most recent post (as of this post) includes a list of sponsors that he would like to..well....sponsor him. (ok, fine. my 'command' of English isn't as great as I would like to think. That, or I am just suffering from some sleep dep. It is 0125.) I seem to recall having done something like that a while back, too.....(cue wavy lines a la Scooby-Do and Wayne's World), after I finished well in a 'race'. I like Neil's list more, though, as it is very detailed. I can't seem to post a comment from work, but if i could, I would ask him to contact me via email (hint)....I may have some of the items on his list. Who knows, I may even get my name tattooed somewhere on his body......ahahahahahaaah.......if i can't HAVE a tattoo, mebbe i can BE a tattoo. "da Plaaaaane. da Plaaaaane."
so if you are so inclined (and i KNOW you are) to read some fun entries about running and other people's lives, check him out. Neil is a good egg. His wife shares a name with my wife, but since they spell it differently, they can both use it at the same time. oh, and if you like what you see, egg him on (what is it with my sudden obsession with ova?) and he might tell us how he got kicked out of the Running Room. (I don't know exactly what that is. Maybe some Canadian version of the Last Mile Lounge. But i doubt it.)


  1. I'm here, dear Gene! I will contact you via email! Incidently, I have posted a new post since the sponsor post, however I have included my sponsor request page as a page for perpetuity on the top left of my blog, just below the disclaimer and above upcoming races... I would be an EXCELLENT subject for sponsors... I would give their stuff away at an alarming rate!

  2. I loved Neils "reasons to sponsor me" plea. :)