Tuesday, July 20, 2010

another run, another lesson

they say a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
well.....did i mention that i went to public school? in rural Vermont? (graduated with 27 others. so...to be in the "top 10%", you had to be either Valedictorian or Salutatorian. yea. not me. (but i DID finish in the top 10!). but i am already digressing.....
Monday morning (yesterday) found me out and running again, before work. was considering a familiar loop that goes DOWN hill from the house, flat, up a short, steep hill, flat, then long gradual hill (the kind that isn't a hill in a car, but IS when you run. first time i ran it, i was like, what? who put this hill here?), then short, steep up, then short, steep down. about 4 miles.
but instead i went UP to begin, then a series of short, steep up and downs for 2 miles, longish slight downhill for almost a mile, then steep up up, flat, down, long steep up, short steep down, then home. (those of you raised Catholic may feel the urge to make the Sign of the Cross now. feel free. i have basically described your actions during Mass. (sorry, Mom, no offense!) Amen.)
so, it turned into a 4.8 mile slug-fest with a side of hills. i also experimented with water. or rather, withOUT water. i didn't drink anything before i went out, nor did i eat. i didn't take a bottle with me. when i got home, i showered and got ready for work. popped a Clif Shot Blok, dropped some NUUN into a water bottle, and went to work. about an hour later i was still exothermic. big time. so i drank more. then some coffee. then some more water.
cue the massive headache. throbbing. from temple to temple. can't shake it. banana. nope. cranberry juice (whoops! diabetic variety, "be back in a minute!") still no relief. it was nearly 2 pm before i could shake it. and i was still pouring off heat like a mad person.
so tomorrow (today) when I run, i will pre-hydrate. and take water and NUUN on the run. and have some in the truck for when i get back. and a banana.

 (thank you, Lisa, for embedding this in my pea brain forever.)


  1. The heat is playing havoc this year. I try to get in 60+ ounces of water each day and then pre-hydrate before my morning runs as soon as I get up.

  2. Haha! I did almost the same thing yesterday! Had time only for coffee before Yoga, felt so great after yoga, I went for a run! CRASH! Still worth it... -Weeb

  3. Messages received: more water, and use a time machine to go back and 'just say no'.