Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in the saddle, + another AudioFuel review

Yesterday morning i dragged myself out of bed and went for a nice run. Actually, a very nice run. just warm and muggy enough for me to start sweating about a mile into it, but also breezy enough to be refreshing.
I decided to take AudioFuel's Pyramid 180max track out for a test. I think that the last time i tried it, it kinda kicked my butt. Yesterday, i ran for a mile as a warm up, then turned on the tunes.
Surprisingly, given the undulating (mostly UP) terrain, I managed to get all the way through the sprints, and didn't walk any of the in between spots. the pace was a bit slow, especially on the up hills, but the effort was there for sure. the intervals go like this:
5 minute warm up
30 seconds at around 170 BPM
recovery interval (30 seconds?)
45 seconds around 172/175
recovery to match
60 seconds 175/178
75 seconds at 180 bpm....i think. i THINK it peaks at 75 seconds, but not sure if that is where the 180 max comes it.
then it goes back down the pyramid, finishing with a nice 5 minute cool down. voice overs give you plenty of time to psyche yourself up for the sprints, and encourages you along during the sprints.
If you are looking for some good 'guidance' for an interval workout (this one lasts about 20 minutes or so) and don't run with some one, I highly recommend this track from AudioFuel. I am not sure if it on their site yet, but feel free to drop them a line. Tell them Gene sent you!
(disclaimer: i don't get ANY kickbacks from AudioFuel. i just really like the product, the company, and the folks who 'run' the show over there.)


  1. How do you know if your HR is up there? Do you wear a monitor?

  2. the short answer is that i can often feel it trying to pound its way through my ribcage. i do have a monitor for my garmin 305, but don't wear it. when i was changing the battery, i kinda tweaked it, and a small piece of plastic digs into me. i need to try to file it off again. thanks for reminding me! do you wear a monitor?

  3. Hi Gene
    Thanks for testing Pyramid 180 MAX, I'm going to try to finish it off today and get it up on our site. You are quite right the 180 BPM peak is a 75 second segment.

    And big thanks for being one of our fans.
    Kindest regards from a hot London