Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pandora's Box

I get myself into trouble quite a bit by not communicating very well the things that are racing around in my head. Am I the only one? Sure seems like it on most days. Either that or i am just not reading the right blogs. Or maybe I am not listening very well.
At any rate, I need to communicate better, especially in real life. Twitter and this here blog are not the appropriate venues to mention, for the first time, certain things. This won't be one of those times.

Except that I am going to try to focus more on positivity, less on negativity, and pursue those things that make me happy. For if i am happier, my family is happier (i don't really get this connection, but i am working on that, too).

I will be taking the rest of this week to get my head back on straight. It is just about there. Over the weekend, I will work hard, play a bit, and run. Starting next week (no, really.) I will begin some things that I will discuss with T before I mention them here.

A new Gene is on the horizon. If all goes as I plan, he will look very much like the old Gene that Tracey and Weeb have been looking for. Thank you, both of you, for your patience.

Have a great Wednesday evening. See you back here, tomorrow.

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