Monday, May 9, 2011

Where did i go?

Greetings, again. Have some of you been wondering where I have been (please humor me by just smiling and nodding, mmmkay)? To tell the truth, I have been all over the mental map lately. I am generally really good with maps (need to fold it back up to fit in the glove box? i'm your man...), and have some old ones that i treasure. (side note for people under 30: Maps are graphical representations of objects or places on Earth (or wherever) that we (the over 30 set) use to help navigate from place to place. just sayin').
anyway, i have been giving it quite a bit of thought lately, and i think that i have my map re-oriented to my direction of travel (KEY when reading/following a map. even if it means that words are upside down or sideways. if you keep your map oriented in the direction of travel, it will help TONS).  "recalculating"......
We all have many irons in the fire, don't we? Kids, spouses, school, work, community, Church, relatives. Very easy to get caught up in all that, and I would argue that it is GOOD and WORTHY to get caught up in all of that. One thing that tends to get overlooked, at least with many of my IRL friends (and i can only assume my virtual friends as well) is OURSELVES. Yes, there are people out there (you know who you they are) who's satellite radio only tunes into WIIFM .....but this isn't about them. (it is actually about ME! see what i did there???)
There are some who think, maybe because I don't talk much, that i don't consider others in my daily routines or future plans. To them I say....***crickets***......ahahahahaah.....from my point of view, I don't place much weight on things that impact only me. I try to strike a balance that favors others. but this isn't about that.
Having reoriented my map, I am deciding on new routes to reach the same destination. Or at least somewhere near my original destination. In the neighbourhood. #cryptic I say that only because I don't know exactly what i want my destination to be, i just have a general idea that it ISN'T living in a van, down by the river. A place that I was once told is where i would live if i didn't take a certain described path. Ok, it wasn't a van, but it was a trailer, in a mobile home park. but this isn't about that, either.
In the coming weeks I will be deciding how i want to tackle some challenges that lie before me, most of them are in my head and (seemingly, for me) don't really impact other people. Don't worry, i don't plan on changing jobs or moving or doing anything like that.
A few years ago, during a particularly rough time in my life, my sister said to me, "I want my brother back." Well, Weeb, I'm working on it.
Last weekend (not Mother's Day weekend, the one before that), my wife said, "you just stopped mid way through the project and moved on, leaving stuff all over the yard. that isn't your usual self. what has happened? where did you go?"
No where, just had my map askew.
Working on it......
How about you? Is your map oriented in the direction of travel, or are you mistakingly making right turns when you really should be going left?


  1. I would be worried about my direction if I could get myself out of neutral... (-:

    You rock Geneooooo!!!

  2. Oh man, this is deep. Right now, like oyu, I'm pretty much all over the place. I'm trying to direct my map in the direction of travel, but at this time in my life I'm all over the place. Even yesterday my friend asked me what the heck was on my mind, and I wasn't sure....I'm just spacey lately!

  3. Oddly, the space in our heads can be the most unhelpful place to be. For me, ruminations, re-cycled ones at that, just make me feel like any rut I'm in is unending. If there is a way to re-harness your skills - map folding talents aside - perhaps these will guide your choices...or conversely, there is always the concept of inspiration - something unexpected, perhaps, that finds a way to blow the entire map out of your hands and after a few unsuccessful sprints to grap it with your foot, renders you in the middle of an unknown adventure - with only a flashlight and a granola bar to find your way back to civilization.