Friday, October 2, 2009

in search of lorazepam (not really!)

nerves, i got em. can't seem to shake them.
i am more nervous now than i was before the CHaD half marathon. i wonder if it is all related to my left foot (see below), but cannot be sure.

let's recap the event, and perhaps the real reasons will surface....

last time i raced my MTB = 1996 (wow. that's 13 YEARS)
last time i raced on road bike = NEVER
last time i raced trail run = NEVER. well, ok. i ran 1.8 miles up Ascutney in July.
last time i raced on pavement = CHaD (not so bad, really)

i have, at least, been on the course. this is a good thing. i have ridden both bike legs, and run both run legs. so...why am i nervous?

it is LONG. just over 27 miles total. we're looking at 3 hours. maybe. i am really shooting to finish by noon. that will be 2.5 hours. sounds do-able at this point, but i really can't tell.

looks (and feels) like my blister is infected, so I am going to toss some anti-biotics at it to see if it has any effect other than speeding up my digestive processes......must.get.immodium.

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