Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blistering Speed

i took advantage of wonderful weather this past Friday to try to catch up on some litte chores around the house. After running a few errands, I got clearance to go for a run.
My goal was to use the run to test out Ensure again and to be out for longer than 6 miles. The out and back that i have done on the AT from Norwich south to the shelter and back gives a nice, slightly challenging, 7 mile loop. Seemed perfect.

note: it is now a WEEK since the activities i am about to describe.

off i ran. and ran. i was feeling GOOOOOOD. dashing up hills that usually slow me down. i could 'feel' the trail, if you know what i mean. i could anticipate the climbs, was ready for the down hills. it was nice.

i ran without headphones so that i could listen to the forest. chipmunks were everywhere, gathering nuts, running up and down the stone walls. i spooked a partridge, thought i saw a deer; you know, the usual fall activities in the Vermont woods.
did i mention that i was feeling really good about the run? at the ususal turn around, i was still going strong(ly?). i decided to extend my run, and gave serious consideration to going all the way to west hartford (the OTHER trailhead) and then turning around. that would have made the run into just over a half-marathon, right around 14 miles. i was REALLY considering this to be a good idea. (foreshadowing).

around mile 4, which isn't much beyond the shelter, i started to feel a hot spot on my left instep, at the height of my arch. hmmm. not good. didn't feel any debris in there. hmm. no socks. did i mention that i wasn't wearing socks? at this point i have about 20 miles on these shoes, all without socks, and have had no troubles. the day and the trail were dry, so...why not?

did i mention the hot spot? i now had one on my RIGHT foot, too. dammit. do i turn around, and go 4+ miles back, or do i just call Mike to rescue me in W. Hartford and make the mileage only 6? run, run, run, try not to think about it, run run run....

ut-oh. down hill coming up. long one. ouch. ouch, OUCH! stop. tighten laces. less slipping=less rubbing=less blister, right? TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. decided to run until Teri (Garmin (p.b.t.n.)) chirped 5 miles, then turn around. make 10 out of it. why not, right?

blister central. ouch ouch ouch. managed to make the return trip in just 5 minutes longer than the first part, which i think is GREAT considering that my left arch had pretty much turned into ground beef. (see photo of 1 week old wound)

fast forward to today. one week has passed, and i am still limping on that foot. i have soaked in epsom salts, which helps, but maybe haven't done it enough. i am trying to air it out at night, which helps, but me thinks the clogs are not helping. too hot. the skin is nice, soft, and pliable, but it is ringed in RED, sensitive tissue. YEP...looks like a localized infection. bugs have taken up residency in my left foot. WHAT???

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