Friday, September 11, 2009

shameless begging

Several months ago I was looking for a 'cause' to which i could attach my running. You know, a bigger cause than just "it will make me healthier to run".
I scoured the web, asked around, and came up with two worthwhile charities; The Lance Armstrong Foundation (of which I am certain you have heard (LiveSTRONG bracelets??)) and the other, not so famous Athletes for a Cure Foundation, which is an off-shoot of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. (They, too, have cool bracelets!)
I gave serious consideration to the LAF, especially since I lost a friend this summer to lung cancer, and then another patient to colon cancer. I have nothing against the LAF, and am an avid fan of Lance as an athlete.
But I decided to go with the AFaC/PCF for reasons. For those of you not aware, yes, i HAVE a prostate. NO, I don't have prostate cancer. But chances are good that I will get it. One in Six men will. The chances go UP if you are blood related to someone else who had it.
So i sit here on my couch and look at my family. There are 4 males in the house. Add in a brother in law and his 2 boys. And another brother in law. And 2 grandfathers, plus a great grand father. That's...wait...hold on....ELEVEN. Factor in the family history, and BAM! TWO or MORE of us are likely to be stricken with Prostate Cancer.
The choice was simple. I have aligned myself with Athletes for a Cure. I haven't tried to raise money for a cause since I was in grade school, jumping rope for HOURS in the gym, raising $$ for MS. Remember those days? That was FUN. And so it goes, and so it goes. This go round, my efforts are in running. I just raced in a half marathon that raised money for a local children's hospital. No extra fund raising by me, as I was saving my begging for my 'big' race of the year.
On October 4th I will be racing in the Pinnacle Challenge in Newport, NH. The race is a double duathlon, in that we run on the road, then mountain bike, then road bike, then trail run. For details and to register go to
But that's not why i posted this long note.
I posted it so that you will go to this site:

and help me raise funds. From there you should be able to link to the Prostate Cancer Foundation site to get more information. They can even send you brochures for free. Gotta love FREEEEEE! If you can't find the link, the site is Simple.

Again, thank you very much. Please FEEL FREE to send this to any of your friends. My shameless begging is not limited to you, my lucky facebook/internet friends and family. ALL are welcome and encouraged to donate.

Thank you,


  1. Gene:

    I work for the PCF and just came across your blog post. Thank you for your support. We need more men like you to talk about and demystify prostate cancer. Good luck on October 4! Remember you are running for more than 16 million men and their families who are battling this disease around the world. Best regards,
    Dan Zenka

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  3. Thanks, Dan! Check back here for training updates and race report. It is sure to be a good time! Maybe I'll drum up some more supporters.
    Have a great weekend!