Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gonna need a bigger drawer

for all of these ideas that i keep coming up with. they mostly need to be filed under "w" for "wth was i THINKING???"

as you probably know, i have a big race coming up in OCT. i am pretty psyched for it, actually, and can't wait for it to get here. the logistics for spectators sounds kinda funky, though. yes, the transition area (from sport to sport) is all in the same location, which is nice. same place as the start/finish. the course is so spread out, though, and since i am not the faster runner in the stable, Dad sightings are going to be few and far between.

unless....unless....unless they use the leap-frog method of spectating that T, Z, and B employed during the 08 CHaD Half. genius. so here, if you are planning to watch (anyone, not just me!), is my idea to optimize seeing your racer along the course(s):

Start. enough said.
Drive north on 10, turn left at the airport (2nd left), park by the covered bridge. nice little shady spot. kids can chuck stones into the river while you wait. yell, "GO DAD! (or whomever)" at the appropriate time. Clap, snap photo, get back in car.
Drive back to school, cheer as your racer transitions from running to Mountain Bike. Cheer loudly as they head off into the woods. Chill. Drink coffee. Bribe kids with gummies, etc. to keep them calm while Dad is in the woods for about 35 minutes.
Cheer like mad again when he emerges and scoots out onto the road. Don't get TOO close, or you might get splattered with mud/debris as he heads out onto the road.
Gather the little ones, get BACK into the truck, head north on 10 again, honk/yell wildly as you pass your athlete. TURN LEFT at the Croydon Fire Station (just past the lakes), and head UP the hill. While driving up the hill, think of how your husband will be pumping his legs to get to the top. ugh. gasp. he.will.NOT.walk.
At the top, there is a nice clearing on the left. park long there somewhere, and yell as he gets to the top and slowly passes you, on his way down. before it gets too steep for him to focus on anything but the road.
Get BACK in car, head BACK the way you came, and go to the school. CHeer like a banshee for the last transition, and watch as he heads out to the woods for a trail 5-k-ish run. this should take about 40 minutes. should.
Get ready to cheer like wild again when he crosses the finish line. Yes, it has been a LONG morning for spectators. Racers, too, but hey, THEY (we) want to be here. spectators might have something ELSE to do on a chilly Sunday morning.


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