Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love, LOVE the pillow(s)

Quite a while ago T (aka MLW) came up with a top ten list for me of things to always remember. I wrote some of them down, and try to remember the rest. #10 was probably to NEVER forget the list. hmm.
high on the list (low in number) was "Love, LOVE the pillows". We had just gotten new ones, and I wasn't too sure about them. That was 3 pillow changes ago (I am not sure exactly why, either), and I must have learned to Love, LOVE the pillows. I can't get my lazy butt out of bed in the mornings. I set FOUR alarms. They go off. I turn them off. I go back to sleep. I stay asleep. I finally wake up in a PANIC, run around the house like a maniac, and dash out the door. If i had to actually put together clothes to wear to work, it would be a disaster. I am SO happy that i have to wear scrubs at work. easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.
Anyway, I need to find a better method to get myself out of the house and running or riding every day. Hear that, self? EVERY DAY. My 'big' race is 21 days out. I bought some new tires for the MTB that are 'comfort tires'. huh? well, that's what the box says, so we'll go with it. I am tempted to try them out, but a bit afraid, too. i did a coasting test down the driveway, and was still going pretty good half way down the street. hmmmmmm....might break a speed record. so far i think i have maxed out at 29mph.
At any rate (speed), i won't ever have to worry about it if continue my love, LOVE affair with the pillow(s).

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