Sunday, September 20, 2009


so i did it. thank you, T.
left work a bit late on thursday, then drove straight to Newport. Parked, got my stuff situated, grabbed the map and headed up the trails.
i haven't ridden on 'serious' trails in many years. let's say a ba-jillion. the short version is that i had a great time. i got turned around a few times, nothing major, and i found that i was taking the map too seriously. bike survived, i survived, and i didn't crash. ALMOST did 3 times. but i didn't.
got back to the truck, and some dude who was putting his road bike away came over and started talking to me. i gotta work on that sign that says, "does not play well with others". anyway, it was a decent short conversation. he is racing as part of a team, doing the road bike leg. he seemed impressed that i had chosen this race as my first one back on the bike. why wouldn't I?
then i tried to salvage the little time i had left for a run. i ran 2/3 of the trail run course. by itself, the course is nothing really special. i could see myself running back there quite a bit if we lived closer. wish we had something like that around here. maybe i should explore Hurricane Forest more.
back into the truck (gotta name that thing) and ZOOMED back to WRJ to pick up Z and Justin from practice. I MADE IT! woot, woot!

took Friday off, and inadvertently Saturday, too. might try to squeeze in a ride today. somehow.
14 days left.

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