Monday, September 7, 2009

contest and Labor Day

found a new blog to follow, over at OZ Runner. He's having a birthday contest, so i entered. why not? would be cool to win something!
planning to do a run/ride tonight after work, though i haven't cleared it with mission control yet (har har).
didn't get to do much of that over the weekend, but i DID manage to pull off a surprise party for T, watch Z's team triumph in a football game, and finish off the wood portion of the stairs in the yard. now we have to backfill, and we will FINALLY gain all of that yard that we have been lusting after since APRIL. wtheck???? and to think, as T put it, we could have done it ALL by ourselves and saved a few grand. live and learn.
ok, back to work now. sadly, finally, the end is nigh for one of our patients.
peace, yo!

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