Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Monday, afterwork, I headed out to a local trail system. Hurricane Forest is a town park (i think) that has multiple trail systems, at least 2 ponds (no boating/swimming allowed, though), and some nice benches.
Oh. and HILLS.
Got a text from the Weeb-Meister just before i headed out, and she said that she was going to call me in a few. So i set the fazer to "stun" (cell phone to vibrate) and ran off into the woods. just before a big hill, the phone rang (buzzed). YAY! sweet reprieve!!!
we chatted for almost a mile, which translated into about a 15 minute mile....
then i picked up the pace, completed the loop, and then ran a second time around. saw NO other people. Amazes me how no one is ever out on this trail system. Very well kept secret, i must say.
Before the run I drank a vanilla ensure. The run turned out to be short enough that i am sure that things would not have been any different if i did have it, but i really wanted to see how it would sit in my belly after all that running around. it was fine. my belly was fine. no sudden urges to 'move things along', which is what i was totally expecting.
so, good.
good run, good trails, good chit chat with the Weeb-meister.


  1. It's always amazing how some of the best running places have no one else there enjoying them. I don't complain much, since I'd rather not be dodging people the whole time, but it is odd.

    I've heard of people drinking Ensure after a run, but not before. I may have to give that a try sometime.

  2. hey, Jesse! thanks for the comment. the only trouble i have had with Ensure is that for some reason my lips get really dry and tight about an hour after i drink it. i tried some while i was at work today, too, and....same thing. even though i am pretty well hydrated, i get dry, tight lips.
    lemme know if this happens to you?