Friday, October 22, 2010

fun foto friday

lemme first say, "Mom, please avert your eyes." K, thx.

This past spring I, along with 50 bajillion others, rec'd a tshirt from Agion Corp. They use silver ions (Ag is the periodic symbol for Silver. butyoualreadyknewthatbecausemyreadersareWIKKIDSMAHT.)
ANYWAY....yes, i tested the shirt. yes, it took me forever to get around to writing a review. I recently posted it here, kinda camoflaged in the post. But it was done, and it was up. One of the comments i received was this:
@yumyucky wanted to know..."can you please explain to me why you only get smelly on one-half of your body?"
why, yes, yumyucky, i would be happy to explain. you see, the chemicals in half of the shirt are designed to prevent bacterial growth, which is where the smell of fresh cut roses...ummm...aroma comes from. clear as mud? excellent.
There is also an online survey at the company's web site that needed to be completed in order for me to not have the FBI show up at my house and reclaim the shirt  fulfill the other half of the bargain. Whoopsie! So last night, while my wife was typing a letter to try and help a nice family avoid stupid, stupid things that the stated wanted to put them through, I started to fill out the survey on the other laptop. Being the super-duper nice hubs that I am, I graciously volunteered to go downstairs and get her rough draft off of the printer for her. When I came back, this is what was on my screen:

click for larger version
 so....yea. good times. i LOVE it how she makes me laugh at times that i least expect it. really. she cracks me up!
oh, right! almost forgot. The survey is part of a contest. here's what Agion sent me....
    "You can send the following text around to your friends if you like:
 "I put an Agion Active T-shirt to the test and now have been entered to win an all inclusive outdoor adventure vacation for 2 from the website Check out my online profile here: and please vote for me to win the trip!"
love ya, Tracey. +1, me.


  1. Your wife is WAY funnier than you... LOL... I wish you would have submitted it...

  2. hahahahaha! I'm likin' the wifey! too funny!