Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fun

Did you expect to find the winner of the One Sweet Giveaway? Well, I HAVE chosen the winner, and an email and DM tweet was sent. I am waiting for them to get back to me before I post it here. That's how I roll.
In other news, I have been totally slacking off at work today. My officemate doesn't work on fridays (and apparently neither do I (ba-dum-bump), so I have been slack-a-lackin'.
I do have some fun things to share, though. Here's one:

Two Dads and two Sons enter a race. All of them win Age Group Awards, but there are only 3 trophies handed out. How is this possible? (answer in comments) (BEWARE!! A friend of mine who knows the answer said that she was going to put a in a spoiler comment.)

Here's another, though more thought provoking than the first:
A Cherokee elder told his son about the battle inside of us. He said 'The battle is between two "wolves" that live inside us. One is Unhappiness. Fear, worry, anger, jealousy, sorrow, self-pity, resentment, and inferiority. The other is Happiness. Joy, love, hope, serenity, kindness, generosity, truth, and compassion.......' "The grandson thought then asked, 'Which wolf wins?' "The old Cherokee said, 'The one you feed.'

Very True. Which one are YOU feeding? I tend to be very diplomatic and want all things to be equal umm, errr...feed small children to the Unhappiness side I mean...I am chucka-block full of anger, jealousy, resentment, and inferiority. But I am no longer leaving the bowl out for them, and they don't come around as often as they used to. WIN!

Finally: we have 3 cats. None of them like me, which is fine, except when the DO like me, which is either:
1) when they want to go outside in the morning
2) when i am sleepin on the couch and they want me to pet them
3) ok, number 2 is a lie. they only want me when they want to go outside.  Here is what happens later:

Check back later tonight or tomorrow for the announcement of the winner!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the feeding Unhappiness or Happiness... Such a great way to look at life, training, etc... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Answer to the riddle..... perhaps...??
    Dziadziu, Big Zig and Little Zig?