Saturday, October 2, 2010

Winner, winner, pancake dinner!

ok, maybe not DINNER, but breakfast doesn't rhyme well with winner. not even an eye rhyme. huh?
I have been trying to find a new way to come up with a random number for the winner of the contest. Here are some of the things I tried:
Randomly get up and look out the window. Number of people walking across the parking lot equals number for winner. How many did I see? None. (YAY! I get to keep the syrup!) bzzzzt.
Get deck of cards from one of the wards and try some card thing. Yea. Well, the first deck I 'borrowed' and brough back to my office (along with MRSA and who knows what else) turned out to be a pinochle deck. WTH??? So I went back and found a real deck. I only had 12 entries, so I was able to go Ace->Queen. I thought that I would go to the top of the stairs and toss the cards down and pick the one that went the farthest as the winner. HA. I forgot that the elevator in our building is being 'upgraded', so the stairs are actually getting some use. Almost put a Doc's eye out with the cards Decided that this wasn't a good idea and went back to my office.
Tried to toss the cards into the recycle bin in the office, but the AC is on so high that the cards never actually made it to the bin. Took me 2 rounds before i could figure out why they were all stalling in mid air about 2/3 of the way to the bin. Drat.
What to do, what to do? Here is the list of contenders, with randomly assigned numbers. I used paper from the recylce bin in an effort to be 'friendly'. I write that, but I am also using a brand new blank piece of paper to doodle on. All things in balance, I suppose. Anyway, back to the contest.
I have beaucoup (boo-coo) work to do today, so I gave up trying to be creative and just went with the old stand by, the random number generator at
Here is the number that it chose as the winner of the contest:
As you can see, it chose the number NINE. If you look on the list above, the number NINE corresponds to RTP, which is RUNNING THROUGH PHOENIX!!!! Congratulations to Jeff G! Please send your mailing address to me at boutdrz at gmail dot com and I'll try to get it out to you in Saatuday's post (mail. sorry, have been tweeting quite a bit with folks in England lately...cheers!).


  1. Hhahahaha. I was just about to leave a smart assed comment about how I let Jeff beat me but he beat me AGAIN to the comment punch!