Friday, February 18, 2011

what a week....

you, too? let's recap, shall we?
Saturday: 6th Anniversary to my High School Sweetheart. No, we are not 24, but she makes me feel like I am still 17 somethimes. I love her so much. Ok, i think I just heard the 'schmoop alert', so enough of that.
Sunday: final family Christmas of the season. tough to find candy canes that close to Valentine's day, so the kids had to 'suffer' with 2 month old Christmas candies. ha. just kidding. It was a good time, a relatively calm but still interesting 'Yankee Swap' for the >13 year old crowd, and the little ones had a good time, too.
Monday: Ah. Halmark Day. Bryce painted a coffee mug for Mom, but we didn't get to give it to her until Tues, as the pottery place is closed on mondays.
Tuesday: Not much went on. I shoveled snow off of 80% of the front of our house, then lost the shovel over the edge with just that little bit to go. It is still there.....
Wednesday: Stir-fry dinner with the in-laws at my BIL's new pad. Was actually fun~! I 'branched out' and started some conversations and contributed to some. Also made plans to be their IT support on Monday.
Thursday....yea, Thursday. Got to work early, then got a call around 725 that our oldest had rolled his mom's car on the highway. flew down to the accident scene (nearly 30 miles away), got there while kids were still being interviewed in ambulance. after a buncha ado, got the kids home. hugs all around, as they are ok, albeit sore from the seatbelts. car is a wreck, most likely will be totaled. I highly recommend Toyotas. I rolled my Tacoma a few years back, and walked away. Mom's corolla rolled 2-3 times yesterday, and the kids walked away. Damned fine cars.

Friday: we're almost half way through it, and nothing bad has happened yet. I finished a contingency plan at work for some new software that i am lead on (implementation, not development. crikey. let's get THAT clear), family is doing well at home, weather should allow for an afternoon run, then curl up and watch a movie tonight or some such.

Hug your kids, hug your family members. you just never know....


  1. whattta week for you.
    here's hoping the weekend is slow, calm and boring :)

  2. Crap! That was a close call. So glad you are all ok.