Friday, July 27, 2012

What would you do?

There is a race looming on my calendar that I have been eyeing since I crewed for Sarah Stanley last September. I met a bunch of people who have become fast ‘virtual’ friends, and we are looking forward to our paths crossing again this September 30th.

Yes, I am talking about the Vermont 50. An epic (BAHAHAHA….) race in and around the hills of south central Vermont (although not as dangerous as south central LA back in the early 90’s). The course is predominantly on unimproved roads, single track, horse trails, and some snowmobile trails. There are some miles on dirt roads, and only a handful of paved miles. I think that it is right up my alley, but I don’t really know that for sure. I hope to be able to know better by the evening of the 30th, and I’ll be certain to pass that along to you…maybe.

Here’s the glitch: one of my cousins is getting married on the Saturday of race weekend. Five hours away. In (I think) the afternoon. SO. that means we wouldn’t get home until after midnight, and then I’d have to be up again at 3:30 or so to get to the race site and be all ‘ready’ for the start. Adam and Steve, I think you know what I mean by that…(do either of them even know my blog exists?)

So I don’t know what to do. I haven’t registered for the race, but I really should do that like within the next two weeks. Unless of course we get the official invitation to the wedding and we decide to go. Then I won’t sign up. But if I sign up BEFORE we decide to go, then, well, I’ll be hard-pressed to kiss that entry fee good-bye. Know what I mean???

BAHAHAHA…but that’s a bit of dirty pool, eh? I couldn’t do that and sleep well at night (not that I do anyway). I have decided not to decide anything just yet.

Tracey and I talked about it, and I’m just going to train/run as if I WAS going to enter the race, that way I won’t be too far behind in terms of fitness. If we go to the wedding, well, at least I’ll have had good times running.

Make sense?

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  1. Hhhmmmmm. Can you hold your breath longer underwater or above water? The answer is underwater because you know you have to. If you are not registered for this race and not fully intending to run it, you MIGHT not train as hard. Something to ponder.