Friday, July 6, 2012

What will it take?

Today I had to train a new nurse from our psych unit. When I got there, one of the unit administrators pulled me aside and said, “have you heard about MMMM?”

“No, what happened?”, came my confused reply.

“He was working at NNNNN last night and dropped dead from a heart attack. He was like 44 or something. I just can’t believe or understand it.”

I offered the appropriate responses then moved on to gather my student. I had noticed that the mood on the floor where he had worked was a little down from the typical morning hustle and bustle, but didn’t really think anything of it until I heard the news. After the training session I learned that the decedent wasn’t 44. He was 42.

What struck me the most was the earlier comment of “I just can’t believe or understand it.” Why? I don’t mean to sound heartless here. I really don’t. I didn’t know him well, so I don’t know if he had a family. I’m 43, I have a family, to include the one I grew up with. I imagine that he did, too, and that their loss last night will be hard for them to deal with and process over the coming weeks, months, and perhaps years. My heart goes out to them.


The dude was pushing 400 pounds. This is NOT him, but I googled “400 pound man” and this is the first image listed.(clicking the picture may or may not take you to his blog.) ------->>

Around 18 months or so ago, we lost another relatively young, obese nurse. He was probably closer to 450. The reaction by many coworkers was the same bewilderment and disbelief expressed to me today; and this is from healthcare workers. They were surprised by the deaths.

If seeing two of their own drop dead due to complications of obesity doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of them (and by them I mean the others who are overweight and obese), what WILL it take???

I am not without my own demons to fight and my own changes to make. More on that in a future post. But seriously. Take a look at where you are now. Is it where you want to be? Are you in the physical shape that you want to be in? If not, why not? What is standing in your way?

What will it take for YOU to get moving in the right direction?


  1. How very true Geno. I think most people aren't REALLY surprised but don't want to sound cold hearted by saying, "that man had it coming. He could eat a whole pizza himself!"
    As nurses we are horrible about bringing food into work and devouring it! Remember all those times patients would bring in goodies as a thank you to us? We'd have it gone in 3 hours! But the fruit baskets stayed around for days.......we are our own worst enemies.
    For me, it was my mother falling apart, not able to do what she should at her age.......I know what I don't want to end up like. Great motivation for me!

  2. a bodywrench?
    I sooo wanna get us one.

  3. I work with some of the unhealthiest people ever and they constantly have health issues and can't understand why. It's sad but you can't force people to make those changes.

  4. How can people get so comfortable in their obesity? One horrid pic of me was all in took to get my ass in gear.

  5. It's hard to get someone to make a lifestyle change, but it's always good to encourage them. A little activity each day can prevent problems like this in the future.