Friday, June 29, 2012

Edie Brickell vs The Who

A few days ago I was given a week to come up with a real, honest, no BS answer to this question:
"Who are you?"
As in, who do i think i am. Who is at my 'core'.
It should come as no surprise to you that I am a black and white thinker. There really is no grey (for me. yet.). My answers to the "Who" question were decidedly simple: I am a husband, friend, father, brother, son, runner, nurse, coach.
But that isn't the correct answer. Those define "WHAT" i am (so i am told), but not "WHO" i am.
So i stand here, at my desk at work, trying to define WHO i am. On my runs last evening, I tried to search myself for WHO. I can only come up with WHAT, and those are listed above, and in my profile.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



  1. Know foremost that WHO is ever changing. You can describe only who you were, and who you would like to be, but never who you are. That is for God only.

  2. Think about the you which you cannot see.
    Are you stubborn of patient? Intro or extravert? Accepting or judgemental? And so on. Another way to look at it, when we become attracted to someone while the initial attraction is usually based on the physical appearance we see, it is the sum of that persons personality traits, behavioral tendencies, etc. which deyermine whether our attraction was fleeting or will endure.


  3. OH
    your commenters area far wiser than I.

    what they said.