Monday, June 11, 2012

#Wellnesschat Q and A 6-7-12

I missed last week's #wellnesschat on twitter in favor of reading with our son and having him fall asleep on me. I'm not sure who was asleep first, actually. Anyway, I like to stay up with this chat, so here are my answers to the 5 questions asked.
 Questions asked on last week's #wellnesschat
Q1: Do you have a #garden?
Presently we only have flower gardens at our house. In the past, though, I have had several vegetable gardens. I really miss having them.
What do you grow? I love a fresh salad, so i basically grew salad. And, of course, zucchini. Who DOESN'T grow that? I think that it is a prerequisite here in Vermont.
Q2: Why do you think it’s important to grow some of our own food? I'm not sure if I consider it important to grow my own food, I just enjoy it. Always had gardens as a kid. There's something special about warm, fresh lettuce in my salad bowl.
Q3: What are some good beginner plants for new gardeners? I would start with herbs like basil, cilantro, and perhaps some mint. Be careful with the mint, as it usually wanders and takes over a space. Basil and cilantro are typically tough to kill, and very versatile. Soup, salad, sammiches, etc.
Q4: What do you do about garden pests? I ignore garden pests. I don't use chemicals. Perhaps some marigolds planted here and there. I hear that bugs don't like them.
Q5: What are the barriers that prevent you from growing more of your own food? Our lawn isn't quite right for planting a veggie garden. It is on a big slope, so it is more conducive to flowers. Some day....some day....
Q6: How can we support more people #gardening? Same as everything else: baby steps! Don't expect to have a huge, successful garden the first time out. We've learned that we can't all be marathoners the first time we lace up running shoes, so why should gardening (or anything new) be any different? Start small, manageable. Work up to something bigger.

How about you? What are your thoughts on gardening?

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  1. Eric and I are giong to have a big garden when we move out to Nowheresville. I have a cousin with a business called Edible Organics who helps city dwellers have beautiful yet edible landscaping. I think I should give him a call, since we're still city bound. I agree on starting with basil and cilantro. Even I can grow that :)