Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three Day’s Grace

I have three days off from work. Today, Tomorrow, and Thursday. The plan? Build a retaining wall to counter act the movement of the existing retaining wall that we built in our back yard 2 years ago.

By ‘we’ I mean the contractor that abandoned the project 3 days into it and ME. Yep. I nearly broke my back working on that backyard project, and now I have no choice but to work on it some more to make it closer to being right.

It has been stressed to me that the troubles with the yard are not ‘my’ fault; I did the best I could do with the knowledge that I have, and that the contractor is to blame. (presently, I need to find ‘fault’ or ‘blame’ in most situations that go awry. I’m ‘working on’ this.) I readily assume blame or (better yet) responsibility when situations end up not being what we had predicted or hoped. For me, it just seems easier that way.

Now, however, I am faced with a daunting task of building a 30’ by 5’ wall out of old railroad ties, back filled with gravel, much like you see along railroad tracks. The closest we could get the 30 ties to the project site is about 30’, and they weigh about 175 pounds each. Let’s do some math…..(30x175=5,250) holy crap. by project end, which is supposed to be thursday night, I will have moved 2.6 TONS of wood, not to mention the rocks.

Oh, and the rocks will be at the bottom of our 50’ driveway, which is conveniently on a slope. By the end of this week, I’ll be toast.

Get the butter…..