Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And so begins the summer of 2012

Things have been interesting lately, and not in the way that I’d like them to be. Enough about that, though. ONWARD~!

Tonight was the first meeting of the Beginner’s 5K Class that I teach through our town’s rec department. I held the class last summer, too, and apparently there was enough enthusiasm that the town asked me to do it again. You can read about it here.

Two weeks ago, there were only 4 people signed up for the class. Given the stuff that has been going on here lately, I haven’t really been enthusiastic about the class. It was suggested by a good friend that since there were only 4, and I had set the low limit at 5, that I was well within my ‘rights’ to cancel the class. I said that I couldn’t do that, given that one of the people was returning from last year (she injured her knee at work, and didn’t get as much out of the class as she had wanted) and that she was bringing her two kids to the class with her. I would feel that I was letting her down, so I would just wait and see.

Right before class started I received an updated roster from the Parks and Rec folks. Can you guess how many had signed up?

Fifteen. That’s right. FIFTEEN!!!! For my little class. I was very surprised! Good thing that I made a bunch of copies of this week’s training plan. Whew… It was nice to see that many people take time out of their busy lives to introduce or reacquaint themselves with running.

Thank you, Tracey, and all of my other IRL and online running buddies for giving me the encouragement and strength to chase this dream down and make it happen.



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  1. Very cool Gene. You know, now that you have 15 people, maybe you should be charging xtra.