Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Duty Called

at 350 AM. We were all sleeping comfortably when I heard the phone ring. My first thoughts were that there is NO WAY that we both could have over slept by 2 hours. It was the VA. Listened to the message from the warm, soft comfort of our bed.
"Gary wanted me to call you to see if you could come in early. We have 7 patients. Ok, well, call us please."
so i waited. i figured i would wait 5 minutes and then call. 2 minutes into that 'grace period', my cell phone rang. right above my head. so i answered....
"Hi, Gene, it's Albie. I really hate it when Gary does this to me, but can you please come in at 5 am instead of 730? we have a full house, and it is getting crazy."
"sure, no worries. i'll be there by 445," came my reply.
and so it went.
i worked too much yesterday. from 445-1600, then from 1630-2330. grand total of 19.5 hours. then got up this morning at 615 and worked from 730-1600.
yep. i need sleep. which collides with "i need to run". so maybe saturday or sunday i will go for a nice, LSD run. then Monday pick the MWF/TuTh cycle back up again.

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