Friday, November 27, 2009

New Challenge

As if i don't have enough going on.....
A few months ago I came across this site . i printed out their little charts, and kept it as a book mark, thinking that i would see it often enough to get motivated to actually DO it.
but i haven't. i HAVE moved the sheet from one book to another. searching back into my anatomy and physiology files i can say that my triceps were at least minimally invovled in moving the sheet, but did not produce the burn that i would have hoped. on to the next idea.
a few weeks ago i started following a blog over at the author actually joined the challenge, and has been posting his workouts. accountability. hmmm. that's what this site is supposed to be all about. so, here i go, with renewed enthusiasm...

i am joining the challenge tonight. printing out the stuff that i need today, reading it later, then starting tonight. should be a fun ride. i just hope that i can brush my teeth and wash my hair. i am already having flashbacks.....

"More PT, Drill Seargent! More PT! We like it, we love it! Make it HURT Drill Seargent, make it HURT"

i need help.

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