Saturday, November 14, 2009

eerily safe

try this experiment. place your hands against your face as if you were holding binoculars, but actually have your hands touch your face. now connect your thumbs under your nose. this should also look like you are pressing up against a store window to see the goodies inside.
now run.
for fun, try going up stairs, and then down stairs. oh. one more thing. do it at dusk or twilight.
that's almost what it was like running/hiking up Mt. Cardigan this morning. i left the house around 420, and in just under an hour was headed up the trail. made it to the top before the sun rose, but the sky had clouded in while i was headed up. I only managed one decent photo, and it has one of the tower's guy wires smack in the middle of it.
From dad's races

right before i got back to the parking area, i heard a loud "*snort*" coming from the trail ahead of me. my immediate thought was "DEER!", so i stoppd running and stood next to a tree. a short way down the trail i could see a woman headed up who had just finished blowing her nose. whew! at least no run in with wildlife!! i also noticed that she was wearing some sort of music player, and probably couldn't hear me stomping down the narrow trail. so i stepped aside to let her pass.
right as she got to me, she finally looked up. her eyes got huge and she shrieked. i tried not to laugh, and only said, "good morning!" before continuing down the trail.
got to the car, got changed sent a text that i had made it back, and then headed home.
so the title? well, that's how i felt, in my head, as i was running through the darkness with only my headlamp to shine the way. eerily safe. thank you for indulging me.
Thanks again, Tracey, for letting me do this. I know that my 'account' is running low...

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