Wednesday, November 11, 2009

part one of two

this is the part (1) where i talk about the two dreadmill runs this week (can you HEAR the crickets??? chirrp, chirrp, chirrp.....)
this past weekend T and i were talking about my current failure to be running with some consistency, and SHE came up with a plan for me to run MWF one week and then TTH the next.
sounds good to me, so this is my first MWF week. I ran 2.something miles on the dreadmill both days so far. not an easy start to the day, but i gotta do what i gotta do, so off i went. just too darned dark at night, so the morning thing is the best way to go. only a few more weeks until it starts to get lighter earlier. so?
so, then, perhaps, i will run outside. i will try not to use the sub-zero temps as an excuse. ha.
so if i get up a bit earlier those days, then come in and run on the dreadmill for say about 45 minutes, i can get in some good miles during the week, and if time allows, perhaps i can run outside in the woods every so often.
so only 4.something miles this week so far, but MAYBE i will run on the AT in W.Hartford (headed SOUTH this time) on Friday, if the weather is good, and IF i can get my other chores done.
ok. stay tuned for part two of two, in which i attempt to win a give away over at

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