Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Of Biggest Loser and Chocolate Mousse

We had a small amount of heavy cream left over from the Bread Pudding we made last week, and i hated to throw it away. so, hmm, what can i make with it...? I KNOW! chocolate mousse!! why the heck not?? wellll, the 'why not' turned out to be that we didn't have ENOUGH cream. called for 2 cups, only had hafl a cup. so let me quarter it! nah, T says, just go get more cream.
so i did.
and it worked out just fine. made enough for a serving of 8, but looks to me more like a serving of 2. recipie called for espresso, but i just used some strong coffee from my bodum ("it's just a widdle guy!"). also needed..umm..what's that orange liquer? yea, anyway, don't have it, so i used Kahlua.
melt melt melt, whip whip whip, fold fold fold, mix mix mix, place in fridge.
oh, that last sentence took about an hour. while we watched NBC's "the biggest loser". nom, nom, nom. seems odd to be making that kinda rich, dense, yummy food while watching those folks struggle. but hey! that's all good.
got up to run this morning, but then remembered that I didn't get the milk last night, and needed to get it this morning. so run has been postponed to take place while Z is at practice. I am going to try to use the gym at the middle school, but if that doesn't pan out, i will go to the VA. i am fortunate to have it to use!
tossing around goals and race choices for next summer....must try to remember not to dream TOO BIG. (have we met?)

the good thing about me sinking like a rock when i try to swim is that i don't see any triathlons in my future. good to know my limitations! (which is counter to one of my favourite quotations, "find your limits and exceed them.")
alright. back to work!

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