Thursday, December 17, 2009

First and Second thoughts

About a month ago, i was struggling with a notion to run the '10 Key Bank Burlington City Marathon that is to be held on Memorial Day weekend. I didn't tell anyone about my idea for quite some time. I just 'slept on it' and tried to run on it, too. Then one day i couldn't keep my mouth shut and talked to T about it. As usual (Lord only knows WHY) she was (is) very supportive of the idea. One of my concerns is that there is a local Half Marathon that I really want(ed) to do that takes place the following weekend. I didn't think that it would be a great idea to run that only 7 days after my first marathon. I decided to try to register for the Half. If i got in, then i wouldn't consider the Marathon. I didn't get into the Half.
2300 slots available. sold out, online, in 25 minutes. i was on the site 3 minutes early. I didn't get in.
so, NOW what? the marathon is early in the season. Yes, the end of May can still be a bit chilly and unpredictable. More importantly, though, is that the months leading up to the end of May are very predictable. Predictably COLD and too miserable for training long miles outside. Which means the Rubber Band of Doom (title borrowed from RazzDoodle over at running off at the mind.) I may have mentioned my disdain for this torture device piece of equipment. Check below to be sure. Done? Good.
So my current delemna is deciding if it is really worth trying to train for a marathon that early in the season. if
i go about it the wrong way, i could end up with an injury that would lay me up for the rest of the summer (which in Vermont is on a Tuesday in 2010). That would NOT be fun. My practical side is saying to wait and find a 'better' date later in the year, like the beginning of August. In the deep south. Uphill. Ok, maybe not all of those, just the August part.
I had put part of the entry fee on my Birthday/Christmas list, but may have to rescind that request. I also told my sister that i was planning to do it, and now have to tell her that i am not. T, too, may be a bit surprised,
especially if she reads it here before i have a chance to tell her in person. what with all of the Christmas
craziness, mebbe she'll let this one slide.

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