Thursday, December 3, 2009

Push up-date

Like I promised, I started the hundredpushup challenge this past Monday. My test put me able to start at week 3, and I should have been in the last column, with the hardest workout. knowing myself as i do, i started in the second column, with the middle of the road workout.
it goes like this: there are 5 sets. 60 second rest between sets. set 1)12, 2)17, 3)13, 4)13, 5) max (at least 17). well, i did just find up to the last set, and my max was 16. i was a shakin and a quakin, trying to push the bedroom floor into the basement. but only got 16. and a shady 16 at that. prolly best to say 15.
at any rate, i missed yesterday because i was...ummm...not paying attention. then i intended to do them this morning, but i was...ummmm....forgetful. and cuddling with B on the couch, using him as a pillow (very giggly, bumpy, wiggly pillow!) before I left for work.
so mebbe tonight.

ran 4 miles on the dreadmill last night while Z was at practice. i hate that thing.


  1. I used to do pushups all the time and that was the best shape my upper body had ever been in. I think regular pushups worked better than weight lifting for me. Great for the core as well!

    I really need to get off my butt and start doing them again.

  2. Candice: well, then! get back in it! being an RN has really made me NOT want to end up like most of my and running it is. for now. thanks for the comment!