Monday, December 7, 2009

moving along now....

starting second week of pushup challenge tomorrow night. had to 'rearrange' the days, but made it through. am considering doing the same workouts this week, too. why not?

ran on the dreadmill this morning. only had time to squeeze in 2 miles because i didn't plan ahead well. does this surprise anyone? anyone? Beuller? Beuller? didn't think so. at any rate (fastest I got was 8.5mph for the last .25 mile), my body was just getting into the groove when i had to stop. unfortunately my internal thermostat didn't get the memo. i sweat. a lot. even in my sleep. so after running 2 miles in 8 minutes (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) ok, in sixteen something....i had to stop. even though i took an extra long time in the big bathroom changing, and taking a bird bath. after changing into my interim clothes, i sped off to the canteen for breakfast. grabbed some toast, egg, and bacon with large coffee. (yep, dabbing sweat the whole time).
back to our locker room, changed into scrubs, (yep, still dripping), dumped a buncha baby powder down my shirt and headed in to the Unit.
such was the beginning of my day.
Thank you, T, for giving me the opportunity to run in the mornings.

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  1. You seem very dedicated to your workouts. You actually male me want to get off my butt, so thanks for that.