Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sorry, Friday, but I was distracted.

I awoke at 5, with the alarms, ready to get OOB (Out Of Bed) and head to the dreamill's secret lair and get an extra mile or two in on Friday. As I lay there psyching myself up to face the probable 15 degree morning, i heard a distinct pitter-patter in the hall. Soon, the sound stopped at our door. I whispered, "get in here, quick!" and lifted up my covers.
How could i not? So B, with his B and Frog Blanket in tow, snuggled right in next to me. And we cuddled, hugged, giggled, tickled, all while trying hard not to wake up T. As time for T to get up approached, I had B go give her kisses.
"Why?", he asked. "Because she loves them", i whispered back. So B climbed up over me and started pecking at T's half covered head, easing her into the morning like only kisses from a child can do. T reluctantly got OOB and went down the hall to steele herself for the coming onslaught of ankle biters and screamers daycare kids. I honestly don't know how she does it every day. At least I usually have the option to "titrate to effect" orders for my patients. T, well, doesn't. But I digress.
So as T was down the hall, and (more or less) awake, B was attacked by the Nibbler-Nabbler. He comes around mostly in the mornings (although you should never really let your guard down) and tickles and nibbles and kisses little kids until they giggle uncontrollably. And then he does it a little more.
Finally we had to get up, too, and tackle the day. By now it was too late to salvage any meeting with the dreadmill. rats.
So, sorry, Friday, but I was distracted.

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